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Bastione of Spasimo,

one of the most important landmarks in Palermo's history


In the heart of the Kalsa,

the oldest district of Palermo


Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel

inside the historic walls of the monument

Il Bastione dello Spasimo

The Bastione dello Spasimo was explicitly constructed in Palermo during the first half of the 16th century to protect the city against growing enemy attacks from the sea.
A military construction specialist named Antonio Ferramolino was hired in 1536 by the Viceroy of Sicily to design a structure that would strengthen the current observation system along the coast and be able to withstand enemy cannon strikes. Thus, the Bastione dello Spasimo was built, one of the most important landmarks in Palermo’s history.
As it evolved over the centuries, the structure was used for various activities, including a spice warehouse and a Sicilian cart factory.
Constructed in 1536 in the heart of Palermo’s Piazza Magione, the Bastione dello Spasimo remains one of the most well-preserved and exquisite examples of mixed, earth masonry shelters.

The Bastion gets the name Spasimo from the monastery of the same name built by the Olivetan Benedictine fathers in 1509 and incorporated into the fortification for construction purposes.
Today, the Bastione dello Spasimo is one of the few bastions still intact that retains its original form. Its “catoi”, i.e. the inlets within the stone wall, were preserved in the restoration process and subsequently converted into rooms with maximum comfort, thus creating the Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel.
Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel has several luxury rooms, some on the ground floor carved out of the stone within the Bastion itself and others on the first floor of the building built in the early 1900s with a splendid view.

The Bastions of Palermo

Later, during the vice-royalty of Ferdinando Gonzaga, Ferramolino continued his work and, in 1537, converted the outdated “curtain and tower” structure into a bastion system.

The Bastions, also known as Baluards, had the fundamental purpose of defending the city from enemy sieges and, more crucially, withstanding the dynamic action of cannons.

In all, 13 Bastions were built, spread around the city’s perimeter and joined together by very high walls.

Starting from the Bastione dello Spasimo, we can trace the perimeter of what was then the fortified city by the walls arranged in the present-day streets of Palermo.

Bastione Spasimo
Boutique Hotel

Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel is unique because it was built within the historical walls of the monument known as Bastione dello Spasimo, from which it also takes its name. Attention to detail is undoubtedly the defining quality of this elegant structure. Every detail has been carefully chosen to preserve the location's unique character. If you book one of our rooms, you will spend the night among history. Bastione Spasimo is in the heart of the Kalsa, Palermo's oldest district, situated in the heart of the historic centre.


Our rooms

Our rooms are finely furnished and equipped with all comforts. Some are located on the ground floor carved out of the stone within the Bastion itself, and others are on the first floor of the building built in the early 1900s with a splendid view. Each room is unique and has its own identity. All of our rooms have a bar area that includes a Nespresso coffee maker, kettle, minibar, TV, and safe. Goods from the Nuxe bathroom line as well as premium bed linen and towels, are offered free of charge.

The garden with covered swimming pool and lawn

The enchanting garden with English lawn frames the beautiful outdoor heated saltwater pool. Our shared outdoor areas are made to provide our visitors with priceless memories while also being the epitome of maximum comfort and relaxation. Our breakfast room then transforms into a beautiful tea room where you can enjoy fine teas and spend time reading a book or working at one of our workstations. You may also use our wellness area.


The Jacuzzi

Immersed in the garden between the Arab walls of the year 1000 and the fortresses of the Spanish domination Bastion of 1536 you can relax in our Jacuzzi. Equipped with all comforts, between heated fresh water and hydromassage you will feel surrounded by a unique and sensational atmosphere.

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The garden is furnished with outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and sun loungers.


The indoor saltwater pool with climate control is open every day from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


Equipped with all comforts, you will feel surrounded by a unique and sensational atmosphere.

Tea Room

The Tea Room is open daily from 8 AM to 7 PM.

Self check-in

The self check-in service is active after 8 PM.


WiFi is available throughout the facility.


The Concierge service is free and available upon request.


Available daily from 8 AM to 11 AM. Vegan options are available.

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